Process to Mod a Unity game?

  • This maybe taboo on an official forum, but I'd love to spur some discussion on how to mod an existing (unsupported by developers) game to achieve Tilt Five support.

    At least until there's a critical mass of devices in the wild, I see mods as being the more likely source for games than getting a huge number of dev teams to add support. Looking at the steadily increasing number of VR mods for high profile games might an example (Rockstar isn't adding VR to GTA or RDR2 but VR mods for it exist).

    Might be worthwhile to have the dev team reach out to a friendly modder and help them add Tilt Five to a game that the original developer doesn't have the resources to add themselves. The modder can then document steps & pitfalls along the way.

    Talespire (Virtual Table Top) is what I'd love to see come to Tilt Five: already all 3D assets on a limited game board, using Unity, with a thriving modder scene, and is on record saying they'd love to add Tilt Five support, but doesn't have the resources to do so

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