Does the tracking make an assumption that the board will be primarily laid flat?

  • I'm getting ok tracking when the board is flat on a table (some drift and fly-away, but things are generally locked in place). However, if I orient the board vertically (like it would be if hung on a wall) and in Unity also adjust the orientation of the game board object to match, tracking quality struggles to ever stabilize. It's rarely tracking the headset position correctly and most of the time twitching around rapidly jumping meters between random positions.

    I have equally good visibility of the board in both horizontal and vertical board position cases. Is the tracking currently making use of an assumption that the game board will be flat on a table?

  • Cool, glad to hear it's coming at some point. I could imagine it would be a lot of work to support any arbitrary orientation, but hopefully it's not too hard to also support a straight vertical option since I think there's a lot of interesting use cases in that orientation.

  • Tilt Five

    Hi there!

    Currently, our SDK only accounts for the gameboard being laid flat on a horizontal surface, with gravity pointing orthogonally down into the gameboard.

    While we currently do not support vertical orientation, we do intend to offer this via the SDK at some point. Hopefully later this year (2022).

    Hans @ Tilt Five

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