T5-tested USB3 extenders, adapters, hubs

  • USB3 C to USB3 A adapters

    USB3 extenders

    USB3 A extender, unpowered

    NOTE: this will usually NOT work with a NIMASO adapter (above), so needs USB A host receiver. nor will two of them chained work, so 6' might be a practical limit

    USB3 A extenders, powered

    NOTE: this is a crap design - the cable is very well insulated (and stiff) all the way, and it is essentially two of Unitek's 16' extenders in one, with two amplifier boxes at half and full length. But the AC supply line is only 1.5m, and goes to the adapter at the end (not the 16' middle amp). DV 5V/2A 3.5*1.35mm center-positive; if anybody knows of an extension cable for this barrel connector please post here.

    • 16' from Unitek - reported working, but in stock/on sale only in/near China?

    USB3 Powered HUB

    N/A. Some PC's - like Lenovo Thinkstation S30 - have flaky USB3 support, inclusing insufficient host power. The one I tried reported a USB bus power spike on connecting T5 glasses. See:


    A powered USB bus should in theory work to enable T5 glasses use with an underpowered host. The ideal hub would have USB C connectors, not USB A (no NIMOSA adapter needed), must have an AC wall supply.

    T5 has used this, but does NOT work for me at all:

  • Some recent experience connecting the glasses to my NUC13:

    • Ainope 10' USB 3.0 A extender -> A to C adapter (included in kit) -> Glasses cable. Nope. It started to work, but started to glitch out.

    • Ainope 3' USB 3.0 A extender -> A to C adapter -> Glasses cable. Nope. I think this was an older extender cable; even though it had the blue tab plugs I got an error from the T5 driver telling me it was not plugged into a USB 3.0 port.

    • Sabrent USB 3.0 Active Extension cable, 3' (CB-3030) -> A to C adapter -> Glasses cable. Also an older adapter, but this one worked fine.

    Will invest in the 6' USB-C extender cable recommended previously.

  • Here are two I tried from Ebay UK:

    "USB 3.1 Type C GEN 2 10Gbps Active Male to Female Extension Repeater Cable 5m" £24 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265746939654
    This USB-C to USB-C extender worked great, allowed me to plug directly in to my main PC's front USB-C port and have an extra 5m. The cable is only slightly thicker than the T5 and avoids the need for adapters.

    "USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Active Repeater Extension Cable A Plug to A Socket Lead 5m" £15 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/264839349292
    This odd cable caught my attention because it has a Micro USB port for external power, so wanted to test with my Steam Deck. I found the cable needs external power all the time, so not suitable for desktops, and with the Micro USB at the end, you have to carry your power supply.

    But it does work with the Deck, glasses take roughly 0.6amps, so a 3000mah power bank should give 4 hours, so I describe this setup as ugly, but cheap: https://i.imgur.com/IsSpAQD.jpeg (Compared to the cost of a 60W+ battery to power a USB hub)

    I will also mention I tried an official Oculus Link cable which I was no longer using, and the T5 wouldn't even register as being plugged in.

  • I can confirm the following works for me:


    I have two of those, one directly into the back side USB C, then I have this plugged into the extension:


    Then I have a SECOND 6' extension (first link above) plugged into the above USB hub, glasses plugged into this extension an it all works!

    I also tried the same set up into a newly installed USB PCI card, link below, and it also worked (once I installed the card drivers). i hope this helps the community.


  • For my test setup (SATA-powered PCIe USB3, 3x USB A and 1x USB C port, use of NIMOSA adapters as shipping with the kit), here are a few more results:

    USB3 Powered HUB

    Tried Sowiki because of 2x USB3 C (use of A-to-C adapters seems to add signal loss).
    For me, complete FAIL: no permutation works (Sowiki A-to-CV and C-to-C cable from PCIe backplate A or C to hub, LE glasses plugged into either of 2x USB-C or, w/ NIMOSAs, into any of the 4 USB3 A ports), glasses are not found at all.


    USB3 extenders

    This 16' was reported working by spacedog. Booster (if any) powered by host:


    I purchased as


    For me, complete FAIL: needs NIMOSA A-to-C connector, connects to USB3 A port on PCIe backplane, glasses are not found at all. Yes, it is marked as "USB 3.0 Active Extender". It has no external DC supply, so competes with glasses for host power. I can see this being an additional problem (whenever glasses are maxing out USB host-supplied power).

    This is the second product that does NOT work for me but works for somebody else. Which means that there is little prospect of a "tried and true" official or unofficial list of accessory products.

    This 6.6' works for me USB C-to-extender-to glasses.
    It does NOT work with USB A-to-NIMOSA-to-extender-to glasses (unsupported USB).
    I.e. it is more expensive but less reliable than the unpowered Basesailor 6.6 2-pack in first post.



    The results I post in this thread are from hands-on testing with one or more samples of the USB accessories in question all attached to a Dell Precision T7500 with the powered PCIe USB3 card I listed here:


    This might be a "best case" scenario - Kate@T5 points out in discord that the glasses & official cable have to be designed for USB spec assumptions about signal attenuation and de-timing within the host PC, which, e.g. for front-panel USB USB A female ports might be large:


    See https://discord.com/channels/559819554335752192/560287745688207361/970075250417086464

    MORE CAVEAT: I have now at least two products that were confirmed working by others but failed completely for me. This means that none of the results here might apply across the board, either because of inconsistent manufacturing within a given brand/SKU, or because of host PC USB device variations (or, possibly, because of inconsistencies in the glasses themselves).

    Caveat emptor and all that crap. I see a number of Amazon returns in my future.

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