Any good tutorial to build a Tilt Five project

  • I got my Tilt Five yesterday evening and today spent the whole day trying to compile a simple Tilt Five project with no success. I only managed to find two tutorials, one by Jeri and the other I forgot by whom. I however failed to get anything to work. The SDK also seems completely different than what is shown in the videos. For example Jeri at one point clicks a 'tools' button to display the game board but I don't see any such button on my Unity editor.

    Ideally also there would be the source of a demo, perhaps the source of the WandReflection demo. I tried to find it in the demo package but there seems to be only the executable.

    I have done some projects in Unity for Windows Mixed Reality so I am not completely new to Unity and VR but it seems I am missing some small but important steps needed to make T5 work on it.

    The main issue seems to be that Unity is not becoming aware of the Tilt Five glasses at all. I can get things to display on the monitor, as with any other 3D application but the glasses just seem not to exist.

  • Just want to add my problem here:

    I had installed the driver when I first got my T5, played with it for a couple of days, and then downloaded the SDK, and found the SDK was not working, the T5 Control Panel never showed Unity as being active.

    The problem was I had installed Drivers 1.1 and then downloaded SDK 1.2 which had been recently released, but the SDK does not check the driver version. I hope SDK 1.3 will do a check, but something to keep in mind.

  • Tilt Five

    Hi @Christian, glad to hear it sounds like you've found a good starting point! I'll add that has some additional reference information that you may find useful. In particular, I'd use the nav menu to check out these sections:

    • Developer Platforms
      • Unity Plugin
      • Unity Plugin Components
    • various pages under Developer Resources
      • the Tips & Guidelines page in particular has a bunch of useful info on best practices and pitfalls collected across several projects

  • Thanks, I'll check that out. I haven't used Discord in a while but I think I still have an account.

    Meantime I finally figured out where the demos with source code were and managed to get them to work and also start understanding how to build my own.

  • If you haven't already, try the T5 Discord channel for answers. There's far more activity there. 2.26K members and currently 500 online. I'm a backer who's still waiting for his kits. Best of luck and I hope it works out for you. There's a Q&A chat scheduled for next week.

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