Account Deletion and Privacy

  • Tilt Five

    If you've determined that it's time to leave the Tilt Five Community Forum, please read the following information about account deletion and your data.

    All users are able to view their rights and consent with regards to privacy in their User Profile, under (⋮) > Your Rights and Consent. Here, you can download your data, including your uploaded content and contributions to the forum.

    Users may delete their own account by going to their User Profile, under (⋮) > Edit, then clicking on the Delete Account button. Note that this will delete your account and personal identifiers such as name, email, password, etc, but it will not delete your public posts on the forum. These posts will list as their author "A Former User," but will otherwise persist. If you want to delete these posts as well, do not delete your own account. Instead, send an email to to request that a site administrator remove your account and public posts.